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Many of you either live outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or you have a conflict on Banquet night. We have a few cities where critical mass is building, and we may be able to host a David Kaya-led banquet in your city soon.

In the meantime, we'd love for you to participate in this year's banquet, so we created the "No-show Banquet." Consider buying a ticket for $150 (or a donation level of your choice) to the No-show banquet. Your donation directly fuels the Empower One mission.

During the Dallas/Ft. Worth banquets, we'll film David's message and send it to you to watch at your leisure. We can't send you the amazing Mediterranean food we cater in every year, but we can share with you where we believe God is leading us from now until 2020.

Thanks for supporting Empower One.


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We empower local leaders in East Africa to know how to make a disciple of Jesus, who can start a church that can then transform its’ community.

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